SAT Reasoning Student-Produced Responses

SAT Reasoning Student-Produced Responses

Grid-In Practice Questions

Question 1: If a§b = 2a - 3b for all real numbers a and b, what is 2(3§2)?

Question 2: A regular polygon has 6 sides. What is the degree measure of the angle, within the polygon, between any two sides?

Question 3:   A cubic box 'A' has sides of length a and another cubic box 'B' has sides of length 3a. How many boxes A could fit into a single box B?

Question 4:   If a two-sided coin is flipped 4 times, what is the probability that at least one head will show up?

Question 5:   What is the value of (2x + 1 - 2x) / (2x - 2x - 1)?

Question 6:   Side AB of the ABCD square is 10, AE = ED and BF = FC. What is the ratio between the area of parallelogram BFDE and the area of triangle AEB?

Question 7:   If 15% of x is 45, what is 20% of x?

Question 8:    Given the | x - 3 | = 5 equation, what is the average of its solutions?

Question 9:   In the x, y plane, what is the area of the quadrilateral delimited by the x axis, the y axis, the x = 5 line and the y = -5 line?

Question 10:   If the average of x and y is 3, what is the average of x, y and 6?

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