Grid-In Practice Questions

Grid-in Practice Questions

Question 1: How many integers between 1 and 50 contain the digit 3?

Question 2:   |2·x + 1| = 3       |x + 5| = 6
What value of x satisfies both of the equations above?

Question 3:   The length of rectangle B is 50% longer than the length of rectangle A and
the width of rectangle B is 50% shorter than the width of rectangle A. What is the ratio
between the area of rectangle B and the area of rectangle A?

Question 4:   If a§b = ab + ba for all real numbers a,b, what is (2§3)§1?

Question 5:   What is the value of the x + y sum, if x + 2y = 5 and 2x + y = 7 ?

Question 6:   If AC and BD are the diagonals of the ABCD rectangle and EAB is equilateral,
what is the value of angle ADE?

Question 7:   The average of a set of 11 numbers is 11. If two numbers are removed
the average of the remaining numbers is 10. What is the sum of the two numbers removed?

Question 8:   Last year, the price of a computer monitor was $300.What is the percent increase in price,
if it is available now at $360?

Question 9:   In the x, y plane, what is the area of the triangle created by the x axis, the y axis and the y = (-5/4)x + 5 line?

Question 10:   If a coin is flipped twice, what is the probability that it will land heads at least once?

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