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ACT Prep #3

Question 1: What is sec(a)sin(a) + csc(a)cos(a) , if a = 45o?

Question #2: In the standard (x,y) coordinate plane, 3 corners of a square are (4, –3), (–4, 3), and (–4, -3). What are the coordinates of the square’s fourth corner?

Question #3: Prizes totaling $60,000 were awarded unequally between 3 contestants. Which of the following choices could be the highest prize?

Question 4: What is the area of rectangle ABCD if the length of the side AB is 5?

Question 5: What is the circumference of circle O from the figure below if the length of the sides of the ABCD square is 5 inches?

Question 6: Ellipse (x - 3)2/9 + (y - 5)2/5 = 1 is inscribed in circle O. The transverse of the ellipse is also a diameter of the circle O. The equation that describes circle O in the standard (x,y) plane is:

Question 7: The marked price of the shirts in a store is $25. During one week, the store sells m shirts at the marked price and n shirts discounted 25% of the marked price. Which of the following is an expression of the average price of the shirts sold?

Question 8: A box contains 7 blue marbles, 4 red marbles and 6 green marbles. How many additional blue marbles must be added in the box so that the probability of randomly drawing a blue marble is 1/2?

Question 9: A number is increased 50% and the resulting number is decreased 50%. The final number is what percent of the original number?

Question 10: The inequality 2x + 3 > 5x - 6 is equivalent with which of the following inequalities?


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