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ACT Quiz 2

Question 1: You have large, medium, and small books in the ratio of 7:6:3 and you have a total of 32 books. How many small books do you have?

Question 2: In the standard coordinate plane (x, y), what are the coordinates x1 and y1 of A, if A is the point in the first quadrant of the plane that is determined by the intersection of the y = 2x line and the x2 + y2 = 1 circle?

Question 3: What is the length of side b in the triangle below?

Question 4: Celsius degrees can be transformed into Fahrenheit degrees by using the following formula: °C=(5/9) x (°F-32). What is the number x, if x degrees Celsius is equal to x degrees Fahrenheit?

Question 5: A jar contains a nickel, a dime, and six quarters. Tom draws one coin from the jar, and then Mary draws a coin from those remaining. If the probability that Tom draws the nickel and Mary draws the dime is 1/x, what is the value of x?

Question 6: The parabola in the figure below is described by the equation: x2 + bx + c = 0. Which of the following inequalities is true?

Question 7: What is m if the following system of equations has an infinity of solutions?
2x + 6y = 3
4x + 3my = 6

Question 8: sin(x)cos(x)(1 + tan2(x)) =

Question 9: What is the radius of the circle defined by the equation (x - 3)2 + (y - 1)2 = 81?

Question 10: Segment DE is parallel to segment BC . AD = 6, AE = 4, BD = 9. What is the length of EC ?


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