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AP Physics B Test 2 Questions

Question 1: The de Broglie wavelength of an electron of mass m that is moving with the speed v, v << c, is:

Question 2:

Two moles of an ideal gas is initially at pressure p, volume V1
and temperature T1. If V1 = 3V2, what is the temperature T2 at point B if process AB is isobaric?

Question 3: A beam of particles of charge q = 5·10-20C and mass m = 2·10-25 kg enters an area with a magnetic field of magnitude B = .2T with a speed of 103 m/s. The path of the particles is a circular arc of radius R. The gravitational force is negligible. What is the radius R?

Question 4:

Four point charges are placed in the corners of a square, as shown in the figure above. Charges qb = 10-9C, qc = -10-9C and qd = 10-9C. What is the magnitude of charge qa if the magnitude of the electric force on qc is 0 Newtons?

Question 5:

In the figure above, θa is the angle of incidence in the air and θi is the angle of refraction of a block of ice. What is the index of refraction of the block of ice?


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