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AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism

Question 1:

Three previously uncharged capacitors are connected to a 10V battery as shown above. What is the charge on the top plate of C1?

Question 2:

Points A and B contain two negative point charges -Q, as shown above. What is the value of the angle between the x axis and the net electric field at origin?

Question 3: A closed loop wire of resistance R and area A is placed in a horizontal plane that is situated in a magnetic field described by
B(t) = B·sin(ωt). The magnetic field is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. What is the maximum instantaneous current in the loop?

Question 4:

In the circuit shown above, switch S1 is closed at t = 0s. At time t1 the voltage on the capacitor C is 90% of the voltage source E. t1 =

Question 5:

The electrical potential difference VA - VA between points A and B is 400V. A and B are points placed on a circle of radius equal to 2m, as shown above. What is the magnitude of the uniform electric field E?

Question 6:

In the figure above, switch S is closed at t = 0s. What is the current through resistor R1 imediately after the switch is closed?

Question 7:

Wire of resistivity ρ and length l has the cross-sectional area shown above. If r1 = .001l, r2 = .002l and the resistance of the wire is k/l, then k =


Review the AP Physics C electricity and magnetism correct answers.