AP Physics C Quiz #2 - Mechanics

Question 1: A 200W electric motor EM shown in the figure below is used to pull a mass m = 20kg to a height h = 5m. How long does it take to motor to do this?

Question 2: Two objects of masses 10kg and 20kg have velocities v1 = 20m/s and v2 = 10m/s, on a collision course, as shown below. If 1500J of kinetic energy is lost in the plastic collision and the objects move on a frictionless surface, what is the momentum of the two objects after the plastic collision?

Question 3: The momentum of an object is given by p(t) = 2t2 + 5t. What is the force acting on the object at t = 1s?

Question 4: A flat metallic piece of uniform density has a shape and dimensions shown below. A circle of 5cm diameter is cut out of a 100 cm2 square. The center of mass for the piece of metal is located at:

Question 5: A rod of length l = 1m has a mass density that changes with position x, ρ(x) = x + 1. The center of mass of the rod is at:

Question 6: A rigid board of mass M and moment of inertia I is free to rotate about a hinge and is released from rest when it is in a horizontal position as shown below. What is the angular acceleration if four forces, all of magnitude F, are applied to the bar?

Question 7: A cylinder with moment of inertia I = 10 kg·m2 is free to rotate about its symmetry axis. The cylinder starts from rest at time t = 0 seconds and accelerates with an angular acceleration of 0.2 rad/s2. What is the cylinder's angular momentum after t = 10s?

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