AP Physics C Practice

Question 1: A cannon fires a projectile into the air at an angle of 60o above the horizontal. The projectile falls back on the ground at a distance d from the cannon and its maximum height is h. Ratio d/h is equal to:

Question 2: A football is tossed up into the air in the +y direction. Which of the following is true at the point where the football reaches the ground?

Question 3:

The graph above shows the velocity v of an object moving along the x axis, function of time. Which graph below is a possible acceleration versus time for this object?

Question 4: Two masses are connected by a cord and hung from a frictionless pulley as shown below. What is the relationship between the masses M and m, if M > m and the acceleration of the two masses is g/2?

Question 5: An 1kg object moves along the x-axis according to the function x(t) = mt3 + nt2 + pt + q, where m,n,p and q are real numbers. If the magnitude of the net force acting at t1 = 1s is 4 Newtons and at t2 = 2s is 10 Newtons, what is the magnitude of the force at t3 = 3s?

Question 6: A mass of 20kg is suspended from a cable C and a rigid horizontal bar B as shown below. What is the tension in cable C?

Question 7: A force F acting on an object is given by the expression F(s) = (7s3/4 + 5) Newtons, where s is the position of the object in meters. What is the work done by the force F between s = 0m and s = 1m?

Question 8: A spring of negligible mass and spring constant k is fastened on one end to a wall and attached at the other end to a block of mass m. The block is pulled back a distance d from the equilibrium position and released. At what distance from the equilibrium position is the kinetic energy of the block equal to the elastic potential energy?

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