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The multiple choice component of the exam is scored by computer, while the free response sections are scored by trained AP readers. The scores on various components are weighted and combined into a raw Composite Score. The Collegeboard then decides on the grade cutoffs for that year's exam, which determine how the Composite Scores are converted into the final grades, the overall goal being for the grades to reflect an absolute scale of performance, comparable from year to year.
This calculator reflects the 2009 AP Physics C grade cutoffs.

Beginning with the May 2011 AP Physics C exam, the method for scoring the multiple-choice section has changed. The total scores on the multiple-choice section are now based on the number of questions answered correctly and points are no longer deducted for incorrect answers. As always, no points are awarded for unanswered questions, and two separate scores are calculated, one for the Mechanics section and the other for the Electricity and Magnetism section.
The two tables below show the conversion chart between the composite scores and the two final AP Physics C 2009 scores:

AP Physics C Conversion Chart - Mechanics

Composite Mechanics Score RangeAP Physics C Mechanics Score
50 - 905
39 - 494
31 - 383
23 - 302
0 - 221

AP Physics C Conversion Chart - Electricity and Magnetism

Composite Electricity and Magnetism Score RangeAP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism Score
53 - 905
39 - 524
32 - 383
20 - 312
0 - 191

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