Hypothesis Testing Problems

The main AP Statistics tests of significance topics are: logic of significance testing, null and alternative hypotheses, p-values, type I and type II errors, large sample test for a proportion, large sample test for the difference between two proportions, test for a mean, test for the difference between two means, test for the slope of a least-squares regression line.

Examples of hypothesis testing AP Statistics multiple choice questions:

1. A pharmaceutical company claims that its weight loss drug allows women to lose 8.5lb after one month of treatment. If we want to conduct an experiment to determine if the patients are losing less weight than advertised, which of the following hypotheses should be used?

a) H0: μ = 8.5; Ha: μ > 8.5
b) H0: μ = 8.5; Ha: μ = 8.5
c) H0: μ = 8.5; Ha: μ < 8.5
d) H0: μ ≠ 8.5; Ha: μ > 8.5
e) H0: μ ≠ 8.5; Ha: μ < 8.5

2. A tutoring company tests the results of their intensive training for a standardized test. A sample of 6 students randomly selected have taken the test, before and after having been trained by the company. The following table gives the test scores of the 6 students:
The appropriate test for this situation is:

a) a matched pair t-test
b) a chi-square goodness of fit test
c) a two-sample z-test
d) a one-sample t-test
e) a one-sample z-test