The Normal Distribution

Some questions of the AP Statistics exam test your knowledge of the normal distribution: properties of the normal distribution, and tables of the normal distribution.

Examples of AP Statistics multiple choice questions with the normal distribution:

1. The mean number of points per game scored by basketball players during a high school championship is 9.4, and the standard deviation is 1.5. Assuming that the number of points are normally distributed, what number of points per game will place a player in the top 15% players taking part in the basketball championship?

a) 8.54 points per game
b) 9.93 points per game
c) 10.95 points per game
d) 12.56 points per game
e) 13.91 points per game

2. The heights of 100 students are normally distributed with a mean of 172cm. What is the standard deviation of the heights given that the probability of a height above 180cm is .25?

a) 7.7cm
b) 8cm
c) 9.2cm
d) 10cm
e) 11.9cm