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This online tool allows you to convert binary to decimal numbers. The binary numbers can be signed, unsigned, integers or fractions. This is different than most online binary to decimal calculators, that usually only convert integers.
The calculator converts a binary unsigned number (, to the decimal number bn·2n + bn-1·2n-1 + ... + b1·21 + b0·20 + f1·2-1 + f2·2-2 + ... + fm·2-m.

For signed numbers bn is the sign bit and the calculator converts (, to the decimal number -bn·2n + bn-1·2n-1 + ... + b1·21 + b0·20 + f1·2-1 + f2·2-2 + ... + fm·2-m.

If you are new to binary math, you may want to learn first the basics from the Swathmore website: Binary numbers