3rd Grade Math - Measurement and Data

Comon Core Standards


This quiz illustrates the difficulty expected by the following Common Core State (CCS) standards:

QuestionCommon Core Standard #
63.MD.6 and 3.MD.7

Question 1: A pile of sand with a mass of 105kg is divided into seven identical smaller piles, each weighing: .

Questions 2, 3: The heights of four buildings, A, B, C and D are shown in the following bar graph:

The height of building C is meters more than the height of building B.

The height of building D is meters less than the height of building A.

Question 4: Tell the time to the nearest minute per the clock below:

Question 5: A basketball game takes place between the start and end red arrows in the figure below. How many minutes does the game take?

Question 6: Rectangle ABCD is partitioned into identical squares. If the area of the blue square in the lower left corner is 2 square cm, what is the area of rectangle ABCD?

Question 7: A rectangle with side lengths of 8 inches and 9 inches has an area of square inches.

Question 8: Rectangle 1 and rectangle 2 in the figure below have equal areas. The sides of rectangle 1 measure 4cm and 3cm.

If one of the sides of rectangle 2 has a length of 2 cm, the other side of rectangle 2 has a length of: cm.

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