4th Grade CCSS - Data and Measurement Practice

Common Core State Standards


This quiz illustrates the range of difficulty expected by the following Common Core State (CCS) standards:

QuestionCommon Core Standard #

Question 1: A two feet piece of tape is 24 times as long as another piece of tape that measures:

Question 2: Six minutes are equal to seconds.

Question 3: A 2kg laptop computer is times heavier than a 500g tablet computer.

Question 4: An electric cable 144 meters long is cut into 24 equal length smaller cables. What is the length of each of the 24 cables?

Question 5: The length of a rectangular room is 6 meters and the area of the same room is 21 square meters. The width of this room is meters.

Question 6: A set of used crayons has the lengths of its components displayed in the line plot below. All lengths are given in inches.

The crayon represented by a red x is longer than the crayon represented by a green x by:

Question 7: An angle that turns through 1/360 of a circle is a .

Question 8:

The angle between lines a and c in the figure above measures: .

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