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Some of the topics covered by the CLEP Algebra exam are: polynomials, exponents, logarithms, equations: linear and quadratic, systems of equations and inequations, functions, complex numbers, sequences, 2×2 matrices.

Some of the questions on the exam are only used to develop future versions of the exam and do not contribute to your score.

Although the test does not contain questions that require complicated calculations, an online calculator is provided during the test.

The College Board does not penalize for questions answered incorrectly, so test-takers are encouraged to respond to every question.

All of the CLEP questions of this website have been developed by us. We are not the official CLEP website.

Test your knowledge with our self-assessment sample questions and improve your chances of college credit with our quizzes:

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College Algebra Books:

College Algebra Tutorial DVD (Includes practice exams) ~ Jason Hankins. This DVD is based on an actual college course and covers material found in a college level College Algebra course or high school Algebra 2 course.

CLEP College Algebra with CD (REA) – Test Prep for the CLEP Exam ~ M. Fogiel. This book + CD is highly reviewed by students that took the CLEP exam.