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The CLEP Calculus exam is composed of two sections:

Section Questions Time Calculator
1 27 50 minutes No
2 17 40 minutes Yes

The content of the exam is approximately 60 percent limits and differential calculus and 40 percent integral calculus. The total exam score is on a scale of 20 to 80; chances are that you will get credit if you score 50 or above.

Students taking the CLEP exam should get familiar with the online graphic calculator in advance. You can download the calculator by following the instructions found on the College Board website.

All of the CLEP questions of this website have been developed by us. We are not the official CLEP website. Improve your chances of college credit with our quizzes.

Practice with our self-assessment sample questions:

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CLE Calculus books:
CLEP Calculus w/ CD-ROM (REA) has a CD for computer based tests that make the practice tests more like the real CLEP.
CLEP Precalculus (REA) has full length practice exams with detailed explanation.