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Some of the topics covered by the CLEP College Mathematics exam are: sets, logic, real numbers, functions, probability and statistics, complex numbers, logarithms and exponents, and geometry. A particularly high number of questions require probability and statistics knowledge.

Although the test does not contain questions that require complicated calculations, an online calculator is provided during the test.

All of the CLEP questions of this website have been developed by us. We are not the official CLEP website. Improve your chances of college credit with our quizzes.

Practice with our self-assessment sample questions:

CLEP College Mathematics practice problems #1

CLEP College Mathematics practice problems #2

CLEP College Mathematics Books

CLEP College Mathematics w/ CD (REA) (Test Preps) ~ Mel H. Friedman. Inside you will find a targeted review of the subject matter, as well as tips and strategies for test taking. The practice exams in this book and software package are included in two formats: in printed format in this book, and in TESTware® format on the enclosed CD.

Review for the CLEP General Mathematics (Review for the Clep General Mathematics Examination) ~ Robert O’Donnell. While more expensive,this book can be used by students starting at a low level ,as well as students with good mathematics knowledge that aim fora good test score.