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CLEP College Mathematics Test 2

Question 1: How many committees of 4 students can be selected from a group of 7 students?

Question 2: What is the domain of function f(x) = [ln(x)]/(1-x)?

Question 3: The management team of a company has 250 men and 125 women. If 200 of the managers have a master degree, and 100 of the managers with the master degree are women, how many of the managers are men without a master degree?

Question 4: If (a + b)/(a - b) > 0 for any a ≠ b real numbers, which of the following must be true?

Question 5: Four children are asked to pick their favorite ice cream flavor out of 8 different flavors, and each of them is equally likely to pick any of the eight ice cream flavors. What is the probability that each child orders a different ice cream type?