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CLEP Precalculus Practice

The CLEP Precalculus exam is composed of two sections:

Section Questions Time Calculator
1 25 50 minutes Yes
2 23 40 minutes No

Most of the CLEP Precalculus questions cover different aspects of functions, but other questions require knowledge of analytic geometry, algebra and trigonometry.

Students taking the CLEP exam should get familiar with the online graphic calculator before taking the exam. You can follow the instructions found on the College Board website to download the calculator.

Students preparing for the CLEP Precalculus exam should be careful when selecting their practice materials. We found that some books and websites do not provide practice questions with the degree of difficulty required by this test. The Precalculus exam was introduced in January 2006.

All of the CLEP questions of this website have been developed by us. We are not the official CLEP website. Improve your chances of college credit with our quizzes.

CLEP Precalculus practice test #1

CLEP Precalculus practice test #2

CLEP Precalculus Books:

CLEP Precalculus w/CD (REA) ~ Betty Travis PhD. This book is for more advanced student in precalculus. It comes with a CD containing timed precalculus practice exams.
Pre-calculus Demystified 2/E ~ Rhonda Huettenmueller. Every explanation of this book is clear and well written. If you struggle with common precalculus concepts, this book is ideal for you, as it is not designed to help only top math students.