Question 1:   A number is increased 50% and the resulting number is decreased 50%. The final number is what percent of the original number?

Question 2: A cyclist bikes from town A to town B and back to town A in 3 hours. He bikes from A to B at a speed of 15 miles/hour, while his return speed is 10 miles/hour. What is the distance between the 2 towns?

Question 3:    Celsius degrees can be transformed in Fahrenheit degrees by using the formula : oC=(5/9)(oF-32). What is x, if x degrees Celsius is equal to x degres Fahrenheit?

Question 4:   While competing in a marathon event, John is behind Mike by 100 yards. John runs (x - 2) yards while Mike runs (x + 10) yards. What is the new distance between them in yards?

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