Question 1: A bus travels from town A to town B for 2 hours at a speed of 60 miles/hour. The bus stops in town B for 2 hours and then travels from town B to town C for 1 hour, at a speed of 50 miles/hour. What is the average speed of the bus?

Question 2: The price of shorts in a store is $20 and the price of ties in the same store is $15. A customer buys 2 shirts and 3 ties during a sale when the price of shirts is discounted 15% and the price of ties is discounted 10%. How much did the customer save due to the sale?
$10  $10.5  $11  $11.5 

Question 3: Out of 25 mining companies, 14 extract copper, 16 extract silver and 1 extracts neither copper nor silver. How many companies extract both silver and copper?

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