Measurement Practice Quiz

Question 1: The maximum weight per piece of luggage allowed by an airline is 50 pounds. A passenger travels with a large suitcase, that weighs 2 pounds and 5 ounces when it is empty. What is the maximum allowed weight of belongings the passenger can pack into the suitcase?

Question 2: How many cups are in 3 gallons?

Question 3: How many quarts are in 0.5 bushels?

Question 4: You need 40 quarts of water based paint to paint the interior of a house. If the price of a gallon of paint is $22, how much will cost the paint for the interior of the house?

Question 5: The average weight of the passengers of an airline has increased from 160 pounds in 2000 to 180 pounds in 2010. If an airline used to transport 270 passengers in a plane in 2000, and the total passenger weight is fixed, how many passengers can travel with the same plane in 2010?

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