Angles in Plane Geometry

Geometry Quiz


- Adjacent Angles - angles that share a common side and that have a common vertex

- Complementary Angles - angles which add together to make 90o

- Supplementary Angles - angles that add together to make 180°

- Opposite Angles - when two lines intersect they create two pairs of opposite angles. Opposite angles are equal.

- Acute Angles - angles that are less than 90o

- Right Angles - angles that are equal to 90o

- Obtuse Angles - angles that are more than 90o but less than 180o

Question 1: The value of the BMC angle in the figure below is:

Question 2: If AC and BD are the diagonals of rectangle ABCD and triangle EAB is equilateral, what is the value of angle ADE?

Question 3: In the figure below, ∡AMB = 100o, ∡BMD = 40o and ∡CME = 60o. What is the value of ∡CMD?

Question 4: Calculate the sum of the angles a and b in the figure below:

Question 5: Given two parallel lines a and b, what is the value of angle α in the figure below?

Question 6: What is the supplement of a 36o angle?

Question 7: What is the complement of a 79o angle?

Question 8: What is the sum of the interior angles of the geometric figure below?

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