Equations in Geometry

Geometry Quiz


Question 1: What is the radius of the circle defined by the equation (x - 1)2 + (y + 5)2 = 49?

Question 2: In the x, y plane, what is the area of the triangle created by the x axis, the y axis and the 4y + 5x = 20 line?

Question 3: In the x, y plane, calculate the area of the quadrilateral delimited by the x axis, the y axis, the x = 6 line and the y = -6 line.

Question 4: Suppose we apply dilation by a factor of 0.5, centered at the origin of the Cartesian system, to the segment AB in the figure below. The coordinates of point A are (0, 40) and the coordinates of point B are (30, 0). Locate the images A' and B' of the points A and B under this dilation and calculate the distance d = A'B'.

Question 5: What is the slope of the perpendicular bisector of line segment AB if A[-2,-5] and B[0,-1]?

Question 6: What is the area interior to the circle x2 + y2 = 1 that satisfies the inequality y < x - 1?

Question 7: What is the equation of the circle of center (4,4) that passes through the point (0,1)?

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