Quadrilaterals in Plane Geometry

Geometry Quiz


Question 1: If AC and BD are the diagonals of the ABCD rectangle, what is the ratio between the area of triangle EDC and the area of triangle EBC?

Question 2: Calculate the area of the quadrilateral ABCD in the figure below.

Question 3: The line segment BE intersects rectangle ABCD in point F. What is the area of quadrilateral ABCE if AB = 6, BC = 20 and FD = 8?

Question 4: A farmer buys 800 yards of fence for a new vegetable garden. If the shape of the garden is a rectangle, what is the maximum area that can be fenced with an 800 yards fence?

Question 5: A rhombus of side a has angle ∠BAO = α. Which of the following is an expression of the area of the rhombus as a function of a and α?

Question 6: A parallelogram ABCD has diagonals AC = a and BD = 2a and angle ∠AMB = 60o. What is the perimeter of ABCD as a function of a?

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