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GMAT Test #2

Question 1: If x and y are integers, and 4x + 5y = 19, which of the following could be the value of x?

Question 2: Is y > 0 ?

(1) x2 > 5

(2) x + y = 32

Question 3: What is the value of angle a in the figure below?

Question 4: When a coin is taken at random from a box with US, British and French coins, what is the probability that the coin is British?

1. There are twice as many American coins as there are British coins in the box.

2. There are 24 coins in the box.

Question 5: In triangle ABC, MN is parallel with BC and AM/AB = 2/3. What is the ratio between the area of triangle AMN and the area of triangle ABC?

Question 6: Is the volume of cylinder C1 greater than the volume of cube C2?

(1) The radius of C1 is equal to the edge of C2

(2) The height of C1 is twice the edge of the C2

Question 7: 4 students go to the movies and seat on a row of 4 seats. How many different ways can the 4 students sit?

Question 8: If the length of a 3-degree arc of a circle is 2 inches, what is the circumference of the circle?

Question 9: For any real x, which of the following is equivalent to x6 + x5 + x4?

Question 10: Is the slope of line l positive?

(1) (0,5) is the intersection point of line l with the y axis

(2) Line l is perpendicular to line y = 5x + 9


The Quantitative section has not been modified by the June 2012 changes of the new GMAT. A new Integrated Reasoning 30 minutes section was added to measure your ability to evaluate information presented in multiple formats from multiple sources. If you want to practice for the new GMAT, visit our new Integrated Reasoning practice problems.