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GMAT Test #3

Question 1: If a, b and c are the sides of any triangle, which of the following inequalities is not true?

Question 2: If x is an odd integer, which of the following is also an odd integer?

Question 3: Does (x + a)2 = y2?

(1) x = y - a

(2) x = y + a

Question 4: A coin is tossed six times. What is the probability of getting exactly three heads?

Question 5: One member of an organization of 15 teachers and 25 students resigned. What fraction of the remaining members were teachers?

(1) 24/39 of the remaining members were students.

(2) The member that resigned was a teacher.

Question 6: If ABCD in the figure below is a square, what is the length of AE?

(1) The area of triangle AEB is 25.

(2) The length of AE is equal to the length of FC.

Question 7: If y = x2 + ax + b, y is minimum when x is:

Question 8: If y = mx + n is a line in the (x, y) plane, what is the slope m?

(1) y(2) = 2

(2) y(3) = -4

Question 9: A box contains 11 tennis balls, labeled from 1 to 11. If 2 tennis balls are selected at random, what is the probability that both of them are labeled with odd numbers?

Question 10: There are small books and large books on a desk. What is the total number of books on the desk?

(1) The ratio between the number of large books and small books is 3.

(2) There are 12 more large books than small books on the desk.


Review the GMAT test 3 correct answers.

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