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GMAT Test #4

Question 1: If x4 = 2y2 and 4y = 8, what is the value of x4 + 2y?

Question 2: The numbers drawn by a state lottery are 2, 3, a, b, 6, 7. What is the number a, if:

(1) the average of all numbers is 5.

(2) a < b

Question 3: What is the circumference of circle O from the figure below if the length of the sides of the ABCD square is 5 inches?

Question 4: A number is increased 50% and the resulting number is decreased 50%. The final number is what percentage of the original number?

Question 5: $100,000 are shared between John, Michael and Ed. How much did Michael receive?

(1) John received 3 times more than Ed.

(2) Ed received 4 times more than Michael.

Question 6: Does 2m - 3n = 0?

(1) m ≠ n

(2) 6m = 9n

Question 7: If two of the edges of a triangle are 5 inches and 8 inches, which of the following can be the length of the third edge?

Question 8: Is x < 0?

(1) -2x > 0

(2) x3 < 0

Question 9: If half of the money in a mutual fund was invested in stocks, one fifth in bonds and the remaining $300,000 in cash, what was the total amount of the mutual fund?

Question 10: In the figure below, what is the value of angle a?

(1) Angle b is 120o

(2) The triangle created by the 3 lines is equilateral.


Review the GMAT test 4 correct answers.