GMAT Integrated Reasoning Questions

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New GMAT Practice: Integrated Reasoning

The new Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT was designed to find how well applicants to business schools can analyze and interpret complex sets of data. The new 30 minutes section will consist of 12 questions presented in four different formats: graphic interpretation, two-part analysis, table analysis and multi-source reasoning. This new part of the GMAT will not change the total length of the exam, as one of the two 30 minute essays was dropped to make room for the Integrated Reasoning section. A separate score assigned to this section will help business school admission departments identify applicants strengths and weaknesses.

The graphics interpretation questions require you to select correct options out of drop-down lists. One or more graphical images need to be interpreted for each question. Take a look at a couple of examples of graphic interpretation problems:

Graphics Interpretation #1

Graphics Interpretation #2

Two-part analysis questions have answers that are presented in a table with a column for each part:

Two-Part Analysis #1

Two-Part Analysis #2

Table analysis: A table can be sorted to extract data that can be used to find if certain conditions are met:

Table Analysis #1

The multi-source reasoning questions allow you to select different pages to find and interpret different data needed to answer the questions. Take a look at these multi-source reasoning questions examples:

Multi-Source Reasoning #1

Multi-Source Reasoning #2