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GRE general Test #3

Question 1: A(2, 2) and B(-1, -2) are two points in the x,y plane.

Column AColumn B
Distance between points A and B.4.5

Question 2: For a given three digit positive integer, the tens digit is equal to the sum of the other two digits.

Column AColumn B
tens digitunits digit

Question 3: What is the value of an angle of a regular polygon with six sides?

Question 4: The circle with center O below has radius 5.

Column AColumn B
Length of arc ABRadius of circle O

Question 5: In rectangle ABCD below, AB = 4, AD = 6 and triangle EBC is isosceles, EB = EC. What is the perimeter of triangle EDC?

Question 6: A particular stock is valued at $20 per share. If the value of a share increases 50%, then decreases 50% and then increases 20%, what is the final value of a share?

Question 7: In the x,y plane, find the y-intercept of a line with slope equal to -2 and that passes through the point (3,2).

Question 8: If it takes John 6 days to paint the apartments of a building and it takes Kevin 8 days to do the same job, how long would it take to do the job if both painters worked simultaneously?

Question 9: In a survey of 190 manufacturing companies, 103 hired operators, 67 hired technicians, and 49 hired both operators and technicians, as illustrated in the Venn diagram below:

How many companies surveyed have hired at least one category of employees: operators and technicians?

Question 10: In which year did the Company A revenues increase the most from the year before?


Review the GRE general test 3 correct answers.