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GRE Math Test 1

Question 1:
y = x2 - 1
y = 8

Column AColumn B

Question 2:
p is a real number and p > 1

Column AColumn B
1/p1/2 + 1/5

Question 3: If the ratio students to teachers on a committee of 21 members is 8 to 6, how many members of the committee are students?

Question 4: If a, b and c are odd integers, which of the following expressions must be an even integer?

Question 5: The figure below shows two concentric circles each with center O. The radius of C1 is r1, the radius of C2 is r2, and r1 = (√2)·r2

Column AColumn B
Area of circle C2Shaded area

Question 6: Find the solutions of the x2 + 3x - 18 = 0 equation.

Question 7: The height h of the trapezoid ABCD is equal to the average of its two parallel sides.

Column AColumn B
Area of ABCDh2

Question 8: In the x,y coordinate system, line l passes through the point P(2, 1) and is perpendicular to line y = x + 1.

Column AColumn B
y intercept of line lx intercept of line l

Question 9: In which of the following years was the difference between the revenues of company A and company B the lowest?

Question 10: What is the approximate percentage of all employees of Company A that are operators?