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GRE Math Test 2

Question 1.

x + 2y = 11
2x - y = 7

Column AColumn B
x + yx·y

Question 2. Functions g and f are defined by g(x) = | 1 - x2 |, f(x) = 32x.

Column AColumn B

Question 3. For any x ≠ 0 and x ≠ 1, (x2 + 4x - 5)/(x2 - x) =

Question 4: The two circles in the figure below intersect each other in M and N. Both circles have radii of 10 inches. AB = 4 inches where A and B are the points of intersection of segment O1 and O2 with the two circles.

Figure not drawn to scale.

Column AColumn B

Question 5: The rectangle solid in the figure below has w = 3 and l = 9.

Column AColumn B
The area of ABCD rectangle30

Question 6: How many committees of 4 students can be selected from a group of 7 students?

Question 7: If a and b are positive integers and a·b = 200, which of the following can be the sum a + b?

Question 8: A year ago the annual subscriptions for newspaper A and newspaper B were both $50. Newspaper A increased the subscription price by 20% while the price of the newspaper B's subscription increased by 10%. What is the difference between the subscription costs of newspaper A and newspaper B today?

Question 9: Which of the following categories of employees is the highest cost for Company A?

Question 10: If a ◊ b = (a + b)2,
[a ◊ (1 - a)]◊(a2 - 1) =


Review the GRE general test 2 correct answers.