GRE General Revised Numeric Entry Practice

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Question 1: A shirt costs $35 and a tie costs $14. At these prices, what is the total cost of 3 shirts and 7 ties?


Question 2: The share price of a public company fell 4% on each day of a week, from Monday to Friday. What is the price of a share at the end of the trading day on Friday, if the share was valued at $20 on the Sunday of the same week?
Give your answer to the nearest integer.

Question 3: If the average of x and 9 is (x - 1), what is the average of x and 3?.

Question 4: A new car costs $24,000 and a 1 year old used car of the same model costs $21,000. What is the cost of a 3 years old same model car, if the depreciation in time is linear?

Question 5:

Sales in thousands $

Company A25272212
Company B22112314

What percentage of sales of company A in the table above comes from its online business? Give your answer to the nearest percent.

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