GRE General Quantitative Comparison Practice

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Question 1: p > 1, p is a real number.

Column AColumn B
1/p1/2 + 1/5

Question 2: The rectangle solid in the figure below has w = 3 and l = 9.

Column AColumn B
The area of rectangle ABCD30

Question 3: The figure below shows two concentric circles each with center O. The radius of C1 is r1, the radius of C2 is r2, and r1 = (√2)·r2

Column AColumn B
Area of circle C2Shaded area

Question 4: In the x,y coordinate system, line l passes through the point P(2, 1) and is perpendicular to line y = x + 1.

Column AColumn B
y intercept of line lx intercept of line l

Question 5: For a given three digit positive integer, the tens digit is equal to the sum of the other two digits.

Column AColumn B
tens digitunits digit

Question 6: Functions g and f are defined by g(x) = | 1 - x2 |, f(x) = 32x.

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