5th Grade Math Quiz 1

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Question 1: 4521 × 613 =

Question 2: 4/5 - 1/2 =

Question 3: How many integers between 1 and 50 contain the digit 3?

Question 4: Express 3×(5 + 4) as the following calculation:

Question 5: The price of shirts in a store is $20 and the price of ties in the same store is $15. A customer buys 2 shirts and 3 ties during a sale when the price of shirts is discounted 15% and the price of ties is discounted 10%. How much did the customer save due to the sale?

Question 6: If n is an odd integer, which of the following must be an even integer?

Question 7: What is the sum of angles α + β in the right triangle below?

Question 8: The price of wheat was $5/bushel on January 2007 and $9/bushel on January 2008. By what percentage did the price change?

Question 9: Which of the following is equivalent to 42/9 ?

Question 10: What statement is true about the figure below, if ABCD is a square?

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