6th Grade Math Quiz 3

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Question 1: A jar contains a red marble, a blue marble, and six green marbles. Tom draws one marble from the jar. What is the probability that the marble is green?

Question 2: What is the supplement of a 66 degrees angle?

Question 3: A wheel has a radius of 50 cm. Which of the following is closer to the circumference of the wheel?

Question 4: The circle in the figure below has the radius equal to 3 cm. What is the ratio between the area and the circumference of the circle?

Question 5: If M is a point on the AD line, what is the value in degrees of the BMC angle ?

Question 6: If a car travels at a speed of 50 miles/hour for 200 miles, how long will the trip take?

Question 7: Mike bought 5 shirts and 4 ties. The cost of a tie is $9 and the cost of a shirt is $15.
Which equation can be used to find the total cost of the 5 shirts and 4 ties, p?

Question 8: 10 - 5 + (-3) - (-4) =

Question 9:
Which equation best represents the line graphs above ?

Question 10: 3/5 + 12/10 =

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