6th Grade Math Quiz 1

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Question 1: There are 3 large marbles, 2 medium marbles and 5 small marbles in a bag. If one of the marbles is chosen randomly, what is the probability that a small marble is chosen?

Question 2: Which ordered pair could belong to the ordered set A?
A ={ (2, 2.5), (3, 3.75), (4, 5) }

Question 3: The three side lengths of an isosceles triangle are m, n and m. What equation can be used to find p, the perimeter of the triangle?

Question 4: A school has 500 students and 50 teachers. What is the ratio between the number of teachers and the number of students of the school?

Question 5: What is the volume in cubic inches of the container shown in the figure below

Question 6: What is the area in square centimeters of the right triangle in the figure below?

Question 7: What percentage of the area of the triangle below is shadowed? All triangles are equilateral.

Question 8: A bird flies at a constant speed for 48 yards. If it takes 5 seconds to fly the first 12 yards, which is the equation that can be used to find the time t it takes the bird to fly the 48 yards?

Question 9: Which list shows numbers in order from least to greatest?

Question 10: Which of the following could best represent the measures of the sides of the triangle in the figure below?

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