7th Grade Math Quiz 2

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Question 1: Assuming that all variables are positive, find the root square of (4x5y2)/9x3

Question 2: If 15% of x is 45,what is 20% of x?

Question 3: In the figure below, quadrilateral ABCD has AB parallel with CD, BC=3 and AB=4. What is the area of triangle ABD?
geometry SAT

Question 4: A school has 500 students and 30 English teachers and 20 math teachers. What is the ratio between the number of math teachers and the number of students of the school?

Question 5: Which sequence represents the table below:


Question 6: Which of the following is the closest to the perimeter of the right triangle in the figure below?

Question 7: A cylindrical container with a radius of 2 feet has a height of 3 feet. Which of the following is the closest to the volume of the container:

Question 8: A rectangular prism of volume V, height h and width w has a length of:

Question 9: The area of a sector of circle C is one sixth of the area of the circle. What is the radius of the circle if the area of the sector is 6π ?

Question 10: Let x = 3 and y = 4. Calculate the expression (x - 1)2 + 5(x - y).

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