8th Grade Geometry Quiz

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Question 1:
geometry 8th grade
The trapezoid in the figure above has an area of 34 square inches and an altitude h of 4 inches. What is the sum of its parallel sides?

Question 2:
geometry 8th grade
If O is the center of circle C in the figure above, which of the following numbers is closer to the ratio between the area of the circle and the area of the isosceles triangle ABC?

Question 3: What is the area of the parallelogram shown on the coordinate plane below?
geometry 8th grade

Question 4: If the parallelogram from the previous problem is translated 1 unit left, what is the area of the parallelogram that is part of the second quadrant?

Question 5: In the figure below, right triangles ABC and ADE are similar. Which of the following relations must be true?
geometry 8th grade

Question 6: The piece of cardboard shown below has the shape of a square with the sides equal to 3 inches. A student cuts the four corners of the square. The right triangles cut have legs equal to 1 inch. What is the area of the remaining cardboard?

geometry 8th grade

Question 7: Is the remaining cardboard of problem 6 a regular polygon?

Question 8: What percentage of the area of the triangle below is shadowed? All triangles are equilateral.

Question 9:
geometry 8th grade

A circle of center O is inscribed in a right isosceles triangle, ABC as seen in the figure above. If side BC is tangent to the circle in point T and the radius of the circle is r, which of the following approximates best the length of the segment AT?

Question 10: If the radius of sphere S1 is r1, the radius of sphere S2 is r2 and r1 = 2r2, what is the ratio of the volumes of the two spheres, S1/S2 ?

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