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Middle School Math Practice

5th grade math practice
6th grade math practice
7th grade math practice
8th grade math practice

We have created a number of middle school practice tests to help you improve your math skills. If you need more practice, you can search the web for problems given at the different state assessment tests taken by middle school students.

State Assessment Math Books
Common Core State Standard Initiative Books      
Alabama ARMT Alaska SBA Arizona AzMERIT Arkansas
CaliforniaCAASPP/SBAC Colorado Connecticut Delaware DSTP
Florida FSA Georgia Hawaii HSA Idaho ISAT
Illinois Indiana ISTEP+ Iowa ITBS Kansas Assessment
Kentucky KCCT Louisiana ILEAP Maine MEA Maryland MSA
Massachusetts MCAS Michigan MEAP Minnesota MCA Mississippi
Montana CRT Nebraska Accountability Nevada CRT New Hampshire NECAP
New Jersey ASK New Mexico SBA New York North Carolina
North Dakota Ohio OAT Oklahoma OCCT Oregon OAKS
Pennsylvania PSSA Rhode Island NECAP South Carolina PACT Tennessee TCAP
Texas STAAR Utah CRT Vermont NECAP Virginia SOL
Washington WCAP West Virginia WESTEST Wisconsin WKCE Wyoming PAWS

5th Grade Math Practice

5th grade math students should have knowledge of fractions, multiplication, division, one variable equations, rounding, greatest common factor, factors, percentages, ratios, basic geometry, negative and positive integers, decimals, measurement of time, mass, length, volume and metric system.

 5th grade math quiz #1
 5th grade math quiz #2
 5th grade math quiz #3

6th Grade Math Practice

 6th grade math quiz #1
 6th grade math quiz #2
 6th grade math quiz #3

7th Grade Math Practice

The following is a list of the key topics a seventh grader needs to master by the end of the school year:

Numbers: factors, multiples, square roots for numbers,integers addition and substraction, word problems, measurment problems;

Geometry: Volume and surface area, construction of geometric figures, congruence and similarity of triangles and other polygons, Pythagorean Theorem.

Algebra: expressions, equations, and inequalities, linear functions, algebraic representations, coordinate plane.

Probability: interpret graphs interpretation, mean, median and mode, simple probability calculations, data collection and analysis.

 7th grade math quiz #1
 7th grade math quiz #2
 7th grade math quiz #3

8th Grade Math Practice

 8th grade algebra quiz
 8th grade geometry quiz
 8th grade data analysics, statistics and probability quiz