Ohio OAA and OGT Math Books

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Ohio OAA books

Ohio Achievement Test Grade 8 Math (REA) - The Best Test Prep Gr 8 Math (Test Preps) ~ Stephen Hearne Ph.D.
Math Study Guide, Ohio Standardized Tests ~ The Learning Hand
Roadmap to 6th Grade Math, Ohio Edition (State Test Preparation Guides) ~ James Flynn

Ohio OGT books

Barron's OGT in Reading and Writing: Ohio Graduation Test
Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) Preparation and Practice Test Workbook (Glencoe's Assessment Advantage)

Ohio Test Resources

 Ohio's Achievement Assessments official website. the OAT tests for grades 3-8 measure students on what they know and are able to do in various subjects.
 OAT practice from the Ohio's Achievement Assessments official website. In this section you will find actual test questions that can be used to get ready for the Ohio Graduation Tests. Achievement Assessments. After the test is taken, the scores are displayed on the multiple-choice section, and a report is created.
 Test Results. On these pages you may see the test questions that have been released and information about the skills students should know to solve some questions, see what students at each level can usually do and what they still need to learn and learn how to score written responses.
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