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PSAT Math Practice #2

Question 1:
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In the figure above, O is the center of circle C and ABO is a right triangle. If h is the hypotenuse of triangle ABO, the circumference of circle C is:

Question 2: If a2 = 2 and b(a + b) = 6, (a + 2b)2 =

Question 3: If the sum of two numbers is 150 and their difference is 46, what is the lower of the two numbers?

Question 4: The product of two numbers is 120. What are the two numbers if neither of them is divisible by 10, and their sum is not equal to 29?

Question 5: If a is a real number, a ≠ 1 and a ≠ -1, what is the average of
1/(a - 1) and 1/(a + 1)?