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PSAT Test #1

Question 1: If a < 0, b < 0 and (a/b) < (b/a), which of the following inequalities must be true?

Question 2: What set of numbers represents the union of sets A and B?

Set A {2, 15, 27, 33, 59, 65}
Set B {1, 3, 15, 59}

Question 3: Which of the following describes all values of a for which
|a + 3| > 6?

Question 4: The square ABCD in the figure below is inscribed in circle C. What is the ratio between the area of the square ABCD and the area of the circle C?

Question 5: If the area of a rectangle is 10 square inches and its perimeter is 14 inches, what are the lengths of its sides?

Question 6: If a and b are positive integers such that a·b = 70, which of the following could be the sum a + b?

Question 7: Given the table below, which relation describes better the relation between x and y?

x y
0 1
2 5
4 17
5 26

Question 8: The price of shirts in a store is $20 and the price of ties in the same store is $15. A customer buys 2 shirts and 3 ties during a sale when the price of shirts is discounted 15% and the price of ties is discounted 10%. How much did the customer save due to the sale?

Question 9: If a◊b = a1/b, what is (a◊b)◊(1/b)?

Question 10: The sides a, b, c of a right triangle satisfy the relation a2 + b2 + c2 = 18. What is the value of the hypotenuse c?