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Sat II Subject Test Level 2

Question 1: What is the closest approximation of the solution of the equation 2x - 1 = 3x + 1?

Question #2: What is the range of (x - y) if 3 < x < 4 and -2 < y < -1?

Question #3: A bus travels the distance d from New York to Boston. t1 hours after the bus left New York, a car starts to travel the same distance d from New York to Boston. Both vehicles reach Boston at the same time. Find an expression for d as a function of t1, the speed of the bus v1 and the speed of the car v2.

Question #4:
Find the value of x if:
x + y + z = 5
x + y - z = 3
x - y = 2

Question #5: A camera has a price of 300 dollars. Its price is lowered 10% and then increased 10%. What is the final selling price of the camera?

Question #6: The equation 2x2 - 2x - 60 = 0 has the following 2 solutions:

Question #7: The side of a cube is two times the radius of a sphere. What is the ratio of the volume of the cube to the volume of the sphere?

Question #8: If tan(2x) = 2, tan(x) is equivalent to which of the following expressions?

Question #9: What is the closest approximation of the value of angle a in the figure below, if AB = 7, BC = 11 and CA = 5?

Question #10: For some positive real number ‘a’, the first 3 terms of a geometric progression are a - 1, a + 3 and 3a + 1. What is the numerical value of the fourth term?