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SAT Subject Mathematics Level 1 Questions

Question 1: The sum of the two solutions of the quadratic equation f(x) = 0 is equal to 1 and the product of the solutions is equal to -20. What are the solutions of the equation f(x) = 16 - x, if the coefficients of f(x) are relatively prime integers?

Question 2: In the (x, y) coordinate plane, three lines have the equations:
l1: y = ax + 1
l2: y = bx + 2
l3: y = cx + 3

Which of the following may be values of a, b and c, if line l3 is perpendicular to both lines l1 and l2?

Question 3: The management team of a company has 250 men and 125 women. If 200 of the managers have a master degree, and 100 of the managers with the master degree are women, how many of the managers are men without a master degree?

Question 4: In the figure below, the area of square ABCD is equal to the sum of the areas of triangles ABE and DCE.

If AB = 6, then CE =

Question 5: If α and β are the angles of the right triangle shown in the figure above, then sin2α + sin2β is equal to:

Question 6: The average of numbers (a + 9) and (a - 1) is equal to b, where a and b are integers. The product of the same two integers is equal to (b - 1)2. What is the value of a?