SAT Physics Topics

SAT Subject Physics Main Topics

  • Vectors - addition, subtraction, multiplication by a scalar, multiplication between vectors;
  • Kinematics - speed, velocity, acceleration; harmonic motion, rotational kinematics;
  • Dynamics - Newton's law, different types of forces, inclined planes, pulleys, springs
  • Work and Energy - conservation of energy, the work-energy theorem, power;
  • Momentum - linear momentum, conservation of momentum;
  • Rotational Motion - Rotational Kinematics, rotational dynamics, angular energy, angular momentum;
  • Gravity - law of gravitation, orbits, Kepler's laws;
  • Thermodynamics - heat, temperature, Boyle's law, Charles's law, the laws of thermodynamics;
  • Electric Fields - electric charges, forces, fields and potentials, Coulomb's law;
  • DC Circuits - Ohm's law, resistance, energy, power, Kirchhoff’s Rules, capacitors
  • Magnetism - magnets, magnetic forces, electromagnetic induction, Faraday's law, Lenz's law
  • Waves - interference, beats, reflection, resonance, the Doppler effect
  • Optics - electromagnetic spectrum, reflection, refracion, dispersion, mirrors, lenses, diffraction, polarization, Snell's law
  • Modern Physics - postulates of relativity, time dilation, length contraction, the photoelectric effect, Bohr's model of the atom, nuclear physics, De Broglie wavelength, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, life of radioactive material;