Electric Charges Problems

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Electric Charges Problems

SAT Physics questions require knowledge of electrical charges, electric fields, field and potential of point charges, charged particles in electric fields, Coulomb's law.

1. Two point charges of charge +Q are placed as shown below. At what point will a negative charge experience a force toward the bottom of the page?

a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D
e) E

2. Four point charges are placed in the corners of a square, as shown in the figure below. If qb = 10-9C, qc = -10-9C and qd = 10-9C, and the magnitude of the electric forces on qc is 0 N, which of the statements below is true?

a) qc > 10-9C
b) 0 < qc < 10-9C
c) qc = 0C
d) -10-9C < qc < 0C
e) qc < -10-9C

3. The magnitude of the electric field generated by a charge q at a distance d1 from the charge is E1. What is the magnitude of the electric field generated by the same charge at a distance d2 from the charge?
a) E1
b) E1·(d22/d12)
c) E1·(d12/d22)
d) E1·(d1/d2)
e) E1·(d2/d1)

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