Rotational Motion Problems

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Rotational Motion Problems

Some SAT Physics exam questions require knowledge of rotational kinematics, rotational dynamics, angular kinetic energy, angular momentum, frequency and period.

1. A disk of diameter d rotates with a constant frequency f. The instantaneous velocity of a point on the outer edge of the disk is:
a) d·f
b) π·d·f
c) π·d/f
d) π·f/d
e) d·f/π

2. An electric motor spins with an initial frequency f1 The motor accelerates and after T seconds, its frequency is f2. The angular acceleration of the motor is:
a) 2·π(f2 - f1)/T
b) 2·π(f1 - f2)/T
c) 2·π(f2 - f1)·T
d) 2·π·T·(1/f2 - 1/f1)
e) π·T·(1/f2 - 1/f1)

3. A bar is kept in a horizontal position by three external forces F1, F2 and F3. If F1 = 5N and F3 = 12N, what is the value of F2?

a) -7N
b) 7N
c) 17N
d) 19N
e) -5N

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