Conservation Laws Problems

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Conservation Laws Problems

Some SAT Physics exam questions require knowledge of impulse, momentum and conservation laws.

1. Two billiard balls move on a frictionless surface with speeds v and v/2, as shown in the figure below. Both of these balls have the same mass, and the collision is perfectly elastic. What is the sum of the velocities of the two balls after the collision?

a) v/2
b) v
c) 3v/2
d) 2v
e) 5v/2

2. A shopping cart weighing 12kg moves with a speed of 5m/s. A 3kg food container falls in the shopping cart. What is the speed of the shopping cart after the container fall?
a) 1m/s
b) 2m/s
c) 3m/s
d) 4m/s
e) 5m/s

3. A man in a boat throws a ball horizontally with a speed of 10m/s. The mass of the boat and the man is 100kg and the mass of the ball is 1kg. What is the value of the work done by the man?
a) 10J
b) 10.5J
c) 50J
d) 50.5J
e) 100J