Pulleys Problems

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Pulleys Problems

Some dynamics SAT Physics exam questions require knowledge of pulley problems.

1. Two blocks of masses m and M slide to the left with a constant speed v as shown in the figure below. Which of the following relations must be true?

a) M·cosα = m·cosβ
b) M·sinα = m·sinβ
c) M·cosβ = m·cosα
d) M = m
e) M·sinβ = m·sinα

2. The figure below represents a pulley system where masses m = 5kg and M = 10kg are connected by a rope over a massless and frictionless pulley. If the system moves with an acceleration of 1m/s2, what is the value of the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block of mass M and the table?

a) .2
b) .35
c) .45
d) .5
e) .75

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